Faq & Help

1. What is is an advertising platform designed specially for the Australian marketplace. It incorporates and combines a directory for businesses, products and services listings along with advertising of real estate, vehicles, jobs, daily deals, and events. Suburb level search tools enables users to find local suppliers and events as well as nation wide deals across Australia. 24.COM.AU has ten main listing groups. They are: Directory, Retail, Trades, Travel, Lifestyle, Services, Health, Jobs, Property and Vehicles. The property section includes sale or rental property listings along side other categories related to home and property. Businesses such as architects, builders and construction companies, mortgage brokers etc are listed under "Property" section. The Vehicles group lists individual vehicles along side vehicle dealers and support services such as automobile repairs, tyre shops etc. All listings can be found using the search tool.

2. How can I advertise on 24.COM.AU ?

Please submit your interest to list your business using the form on contact-us page. Please provide the following information:
  • 1. Your legal name.
  • 2. Business Name.
  • 3. Australian Business No.
  • 4. Number of years in business.
  • 5. Contact phone (landline).
  • 6. Email address.
Please note that only owners of a business can request listing of their business. If approved, a staff member or local agent will contact you to complete the formalities. The decision to add any listing depends on various factors and is at the sole discretion of management.

3. What is the difference between Premium listings and Standard Listings?

"Premium" Listings are displayed on their respective group and subcategory pages and can be "navigated to" using url links on 24.COM.AU website. Premium listings are also presented ahead of "Standard" listings in search results. Premium listings can display up to 20 images and 5000 words of description. Premium listings are not free. Standard listings are free and are displayed in search results only.

4. What are the costs for Premium listings?

Cost depends on the listing group, category and subcategory and also on the number of listings.

5. Do you provide price comparison tools.

Not yet, but coming soon. Model (SKU) based price comparison will be available for the retail and vehicles categories on

6. Do you offer a "pull" mechanism to fetch a large number of listings?

Yes. This will enable some businesses to list large number of items easily and quickly.

7. What topics will be covered in the News & Articles section?

The News and Articles section has been added to cover important topics relevant to the Australian public. We intend to publish on a wide variety of topics regularly.

8. Are you a group buying website?

No. is not a group buying website.

9. Can I send you marketing material using contact us page form?

No. Please do not use our forms for posting marketing material . Most people dislike spam. So do we. Individuals and businesses have a wide choice in deciding who to do business with as there are "n" number of suppliers for every product or service imaginable. Your chance of getting any business from us through spam or similar tactics is zero. We believe, most Australians will choose not to do business with spammers and the likes.